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Our commitment to quality doesn’t begin at the processing plant. It begins the second a product leaves the water and doesn’t end until the freshest possible quality is delivered directly to the customer.


From harvest to delivery, each step of the journey is calculated with temperature and freshness top of mind.



Our seafood harvesters do their jobs with the environment in mind. We only accept sustainable fishing practices because that’s part of our culture. Our fleet of vessels employ advanced technologies, such as refrigerated seawater holding tanks, which guarantee freshness by allowing the species to be landed at the wharf alive.



Proximity to the fishing grounds is one of Quinlan’s major advantages. Our fish processing plants in Old Perlican and Bay de Verde are located at the water’s edge, meaning seafood can be processed just feet away from where it lands at the wharf. An integral part of our quality control program is traceability – knowing where our product is and where it came from. Not only can we tell you where and when our seafood was processed, we can tell you where and when it was caught and who captained the vessel.

Newfoundland and Labrador fishing grounds

Old Perlican

Bay de Verde fish processing plant

Bay de Verde


The Bay de Verde and Old Perlican facilities employ a CFIA certified Quality Management Program (QMP). The CFIA is a federal government organization with the responsibility of promoting the production of safe fish and seafood products. Mitigating risks to food safety is their highest priority not just for Canadians, but for all exports manufactured in Canada. These plants are also Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) certified, leading to the highest achievable grade for food safety - the BRC AA certification.


Features of Snow Crab Plant


A separate state-of-the-art

Pilot Production Facility

for the conceptual testing and proving of

new crab processing technologies


A custom designed

Raw Leg Cutting Table

providing a consistent and accurate cut ensuring maximum meat yield with zero defects


Rapid Chill Brine Tank

locking in freshness and moisture

Following a fire in 2016, Quinlan rebuilt the Snow Crab processing plant in Bay de Verde with efficiency and quality control as the main priorities. Working with industry leaders Baader and Marel to purchase equipment and design workflow, the new facility is a state-of-the-art, tech-forward operation. This plant is the biggest Snow Crab processing operation in the world – processing more than 15 million pounds of Snow Crab each year.

Features of Groundfish & Pelagics Plant



Product Sorting Line



Product Weighing Line


Designed as a 

Multi-Species Processing Facility


High Freezing Capability

to maximize quality and freshness

We process more than ten different species of Ground Fish and Pelagics from our plant in Old Perlican, Trinity Bay - one of the oldest fishing communities in Newfoundland. Our raw material is harvested from nearby fishing grounds by local fishers and landed directly at the wharf.



Our fleet of temperature-controlled trucks allows us to consistently maintain the cold chain throughout the entire product journey. This is the last step in the value-chain that we provide to our customers. Ensuring the raw material reaches your doorstep as the freshest, highest quality product possible. 

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