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Selecting Premium Seafood: Tips from Quinlan, a Seafood Processor in Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada

Updated: May 7

As one of the world's top seafood consumers per capita, Canadians are undoubtedly lovers of fish and seafood. However, not all seafood products are equal when it comes to freshness and quality. Knowing what to look for can guide retailers/shoppers to the tastiest, healthiest picks from their preferred seafood producer.

Canadian snow crab


In this post, we’ll share insider tips from Quinlan – a family-run seafood company in Canada passionately dedicated to quality, sustainability, and consumer trust through transparency for over 70 years. Let’s uncover what credentials to evaluate and queries to ask for to snag the catch of the day at its finest.


Checking Seafood Freshness


Freshness makes all the difference between delectable seafood and risking food wastage or safety issues. As Canada’s trusted provider of wild-caught Atlantic seafood, we recognize excelling on freshness requires pristine sourcing as much as processing and storage expertise. Investments in cold storage technology and refrigerated transport maintain quality until the seafood reaches restaurants and retail stores across Canada and outside.


Visual and sensory cues signalling freshness that customers should evaluate:


• Firm, resilient flesh that springs back when pressed

• Bright, bulging, clear eyes

• Vibrant red gills without sliminess or fading

• Sea breeze aroma without unpleasant odours

• Tight scales, skin or shells without cracks


The above qualities signal the freshest picks fit for eating even beyond any use-by dates printed on the packaging.


Choosing Sustainability


In addition to flavour and nutrition, eco-conscious consumers also care about sustainability. With climate change and overfishing threatening marine ecosystems, responsible sourcing matters.


As a family company invested in this region for generations, Quinlan maintains sustainable practices certified by audit. For instance, our company has earned Marine Stewardship Council’s (MSC) Chain of Custody certification recognized worldwide for verifying sustainable seafood.


Seafood buyers should enquire about the sustainability credentials and responsible sourcing policies adopted by retailers. Credible certifications to look for include MSC that require meeting strict seafood traceability and conservation criteria. This allows enjoying ocean bounty without depleting food supplies for the future.


Conscientious shoppers can do their bit to preserve fishing heritage and livelihoods. They can check with retailers on whether their seafood is caught by local Canadian fishers before picking their preferred pick of wild caught snow crab, fresh wild Atlantic Cod or other seafood that is marked by Quinlan Quality.


Additionally, our initiatives in furthering employment, sustainability and community development related to Atlantic Canadian fisheries make Quinlan a purpose-led partner for discerning seafood lovers. The next time your menu craves Atlantic lobster, Canadian snow crab, northern shrimp or any other sustainably caught seafood, Quinlan is the go-to recommendation for peak freshness and quality.

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